Saturday, October 5, 2013

Book of Mormon Pocket-Sized Study Guide

I was sent a copy of the "Book of Mormon Perspective Chart: The Ultimate Pocket-Sized Study Guide" by its maker, Matthew Wilson, and asked to comment on its usefulness.  I can indeed endorse this little aid for two reasons:
  1. It is comprehensive.
    1. It contains a chart of the assemblage of the Book from the various plates.
    2. It shows a timeline of the various peoples, major events, places, doctrines and personal relationships of the Book of Mormon with references to the pertinent scriptures.  It might actually be instructive just to read through the items on the timeline as an overview of the entire Book of Mormon.
    3. It has a pertinent map of the exodus from Jerusalem.
    4. It shows the great missionary journeys of the Book of Mormon.
    5. It includes Seminary Scripture Mastery verses
  2. It is unbelievably portable. 
    1. This is the greatest advantage of this little guide.  It literally folds up to slightly larger than the size of a playing card.  It opens up to 24 times that size, and then folds easily and flatly again inside the laminated cover cards that protect it.  It stays flat when folded.  It can easily be carried in any size scriptures, or inside the cover of an electronic reading device.
This is a great little study guide which would be handy for this coming year's Gospel Doctrine Book of Mormon study, for Seminary students, for missionaries, and for use by any individuals wishing to understand the Book of Mormon better.  I definitely intend to use it myself this coming year!

It is available at Deseret Book,, or  It will soon be at Seagull Book as well.

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