Thursday, December 10, 2015

Extra Lessons For the Rest of the Year

I have several lessons that will work well for the Christmas/New Year season if you've run out of lessons.

1) A highlight of the ideas from the book The Purpose of Christmas, by Rick Warren at this link. Be aware, it does not quote any church sources, it is exclusively notes from the book, but they do correlate with gospel principles. You would probably need to expand upon it and provide quotes from prophets.

2) If you didn't already use it: New Testament Lesson #3, which goes into detail about the Nativity, using a Nativity set as a visual aid.

3) A lesson on having a willingness to believe, as exemplified by Emer Harris (unsung brother to Martin Harris) and John the Beloved at this link.

4) "Living the Gospel of Jesus Christ Today"

5) A lesson on rescuing our youth who are straying (or thinking about it) at this link.

6) A lesson on peace here.

7) For the New Year, "How to Effect Permanent Change: Lessons from the Anti-Nephi-Lehies"

8) On a topic of recent interest, "Women and the Priesthood"

9) The Power of the Atonement to Heal Us from the Damage Done by Others"

10) A lesson I've given to Young Women a couple of times on decision-making called "Forks in the Road"

11) "Jesus Christ, The Son of God"

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Alissa said...

Hi Nancy, I love your blog and it has helped me out a lot in between teaching Youth Sunday school, Seminary, and now Gospel Doctrine. Thank you thank you!

I was wondering if you had any Book of Mormon resources you particularly liked. I would like to buy some Book of Mormon commentary or something like that to help me this upcoming year and wanted to see if you had any recommendations. Thanks for your help!