Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Testament Lessons

Please feel free to leave a comment as you use my lessons: I love feedback! And I love to hear in which part of the world you are teaching.

#1 "That Ye Might Believe That Jesus Is the Christ"

#2 "My Soul Doth Magnify the Lord"

#3 "Unto You Is Born...a Saviour"

#4 "Prepare Ye The Way of the Lord"

#5 "Born Again"

#6 "They Straightway Left Their Nets"

#7 "He Took Our Infirmities, and Bare Our Sicknesses"

#8 The Sermon on the Mount

#9 "Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God"

#10 "Take My Yoke Upon You, and Learn of Me"

#11 "He Spake Many Things unto Them in Parables"

#12 "I Am the Bread of Life"

#13 "I Will Give unto Thee the Keys of the Kingdom"

#14 "Who Is My Neighbour?"

#15 "I Am the Light of the World"

#16 "I Was Blind, Now I See"

#17 "What Shall I Do That I May Inherit Eternal Life?"

#18 "He Was Lost, and is Found"

#19 "Thy Faith Hath Saved Thee"

#20 "Woe unto You...Hypocrites"

#21 "What is the Sign of Thy Coming?" (The Olivet Discourse)

#22 "Inherit the Kingdom Prepared For You"

#23 "Love One Another, As I Have Loved You"

#24 "This is Life Eternal"

#25 "Not My Will, But Thine, Be Done"

#26 "To This End Was I Born"

#27 "He Is Not Here, for He Is Risen"

#28 "We Are Witnesses"

#29 "The Number of the Disciples Was Multiplied"

#30 "God is No Respecter of Persons"

#31 "And So Were the Churches Established in the Faith"

#32 "Live in the Spirit"

#33 "Ye Are the Temple of God"

#34 "Keep the Ordinances, As I Delivered Them"

#35 "Be Ye Reconciled to God"

#36 "Beloved of God, Called to be Saints"

#37 Jesus Christ: "The Author and Finisher of Our Faith"

#38 "Thou Hast Testified of Me"

#39 "For the Perfecting of the Saints"

#40 "I Can Do All Things Through Christ"

#41 "I Have Finished My Course"

#42 "Pure Religion"

#43 "A Chosen Generation"

#44 "God is Love"

Preparation for New Testament Lesson #45

#45 "He That Overcometh Shall Inherit All Things"

#46: "He Will Dwell with Them, and They Shall Be His People"


Thompson Family said...

I was just called as a gospel doctrine teacher and I'm so grateful that I found your blog! I just moved to Cache Valley with my husband and 5 kids, we live in River Heights!!

Anonymous said...

I love your blog so much and have visited your site many times since being called as Gospel Doctrine a year ago. I'm in the Bear Lake area of Utah. I appreciate your fresh approach and thoughtful presentation of both factual information and spiritual insights.

Joyce said...

I've been teaching for many years but you have given many good ideas in just one post. Gold Beach Oregon

Anonymous said...

Hi Nancy,
Like others, I've been teaching gospel doctrine for a couple years now. I currently live in Perth, Australia. I read your blog every time I am preparing my lessons. I really appreciate your efforts and your insights. Thanks!

Nancy W. Jensen said...

Hey! My parents served a mission to Perth back in 1993-1994! Clair and Carolyn Wyatt.

Ry Guy said...

Thank you so much for your help. Any ideas what to teach the last two weeks of the year? We are out of lessons!

Ryan Judkins

Nancy W. Jensen said...

Check my most recent post, Ry. You'll find plenty of possibilities there. Thanks for asking!

Amber Mitchell said...

Hi Nancy, this is my last week as Gospel Doctrine teacher in my ward -- I've been doing it for a year and a half, and I visit your site every week for supplemental material. Thank you so much for all the work you put into these posts. Your posts made my class more effective and more spiritual. I will miss my calling, but I still intend to visit your site every week for Book of Mormon studies in 2016!