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Church over Jacob's Well, photo taken by Carolyn J. Wyatt
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Teaching Tip An easy and "safe" way to have scriptures read aloud by class members

December 27-January 2  Moses 1 as an introduction to the Bible and an excellent example of how to resist pornography

January 3-9  Creation

January 10-16  The conflicting commandments given by God to Adam and Eve; mortality and redemption

January 17-23, part 1 The Tree of Knowledge; Cain and Enoch
January 17-23, part 2  My Seven Dispensations Memory Aid 

January 24-30 The Visions of Enoch

January 31-February 6  Additional insights into the story of Noah found in the Joseph Smith Translation; the Covenant of the Rainbow

February 7-13, part 1  "The Abrahamic Covenant."  The Abrahamic Covenant simplified.  
February 7-13, part 2  Especially for members of dysfunctional families. See also the following lesson.

February 14-20, part 1  Abraham and Lot
February 14-20, part 2  Abraham's sacrifice as a type of Christ
February 14-20, part 3  Ishmael

February 21-27  Birthright blessings; marriage in the covenant

March 7-13   Joseph and the birthright

March 14-20  Joseph as a type of Christ

March 21-27  Bondage, Passover, and Exodus

April 4-10  Journey to the Promised Land

April 11-17 The Seismic Shift of Easter

April 18-24  Chainbreakers

April 25-May 1 (no lesson available yet)

May 2-8 (no lesson available yet)

May 16-22 Remembering the Lord

May 23-29 Be Strong and of a Good Courage

May 30-June 5 The Reign of the Judges

June 6-12 Ruth

June 13-19 Part 1: Hannah
June 13-19 Part 2: Samuel

June 27-July 3 1 Kings 17-19 

July 4-10 Elijah

July 11-17 Hezekiah
July 11-17 To be posted: Josiah

July 18-24 To Be Posted: Ezra and Nehemiah

July 25-31 Esther 

August 1-7 Job

July 4-10 The Mantle of Elijah + Bible Balderdash

July 11-17 To Be Posted: Josiah

July 18-24 To Be Posted: Ezra and Nehemiah

July 25-31 Esther

August 1-7 Job

August 8-21 Psalms, Part 1

August 22-29 Just follow this link to "Follow Him" with Michael McLean--so good!

(Dropped the ball here for a little while, finishing up my college degree)

November 7-13 Hosea

November 14-20 Amos; Obadiah

November 21-27 Jonah; Micah (This is one of my absolute favorites!)

November 28-December 4 Nahum; Habakkuk (no lesson yet)

December 5-11 Haggai; Zechariah (no lesson yet)

December 12-18 Malachi (with a Book of Mormon base)

Extra Old Testament Lessons:

Supplement to Lesson #26

Lesson #31  "Happy is the Man that Findeth Wisdom"

Lesson #33  "Sharing the Gospel With the World

Lesson #34  "I Will Betroth Thee unto Me in Righteousness"

Lesson #35  "God Reveals His Secrets to His Prophets"

Lesson #36  "The Glory of Zion Will Be a Defense"

Lesson #37  "Thou Hast Done Wonderful Things"

Supplement to Lesson #37

Lesson #38  "Beside Me There is No Savior"

Lesson #39  "How Beautiful Upon the Mountains"

Lesson #40  "Enlarge the Place of Thy Tent"

Lesson #41  "I Have Made Thee This Day ... an Iron Pillar"

Lesson #42  "I Will Write It in their Hearts"

Lesson #43  "The Shepherds of Israel"

Lesson #44  "Every Thing Shall Live Whither the River Cometh"

Lesson #46  "A Kingdom, Which Shall Never Be Destroyed"

Lesson #47  "Let Us Rise Up and Build"/Christmas Lesson

Lesson #48  "The Great and Dreadful Day of the Lord"

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